You feel like brushing up on your textbook, doing your homework, studying the grammar or simply reading in peace, but your roommates are doing the cleaning, the neighbours are listening to music at full volume and the phone keeps ringing and not leaving you in peace.

Staying at home is pointless. What can one come up with then? If the weather is nice, the city offers many villas and parks where to go and study in peace, but if it’s winter, it’s cold and raining you have to find other solutions. How about a quiet library? In Rome there are lots of libraries and you just need to consult Google or the Internet site of the Municipality of Rome to find them all and choose the closest and most convenient one. We will mention some of the most important or characteristic ones.

Roma - Biblioteca nazionale centrale

One of the largest libraries in Rome where you can find countless books and panels to consult and study in complete peace and quite is the National Library in Castro Pretorio, very close to the Termini station (easily accessible with metro line B). The number of volumes preserved in the library is considerable as well as the space dedicated to studying without being disturbed.

Moving towards the suburbs and in a smaller reality, you will find the Library-theatre Quarticciolo, a recently born multipurpose centre where, beside the library, you will also be able to dedicate yourself to studying as well as find a theatre, an exhibition area and a refreshment area; A cultural centre as well as a simple library, because, perhaps, after studying you might feel like relaxing and watching a nice play. What do you think?

If you want to combine the studying, the concentration and the books with a good cup of coffee, tea or something to eat with an aperitif, it will be hard to avoid the Caffè Letterario in Via Ostiense. It is a library, a bookshop, a coffee place, a co-working space and a place where artistic and cultural events of various kinds are held. A huge multifunctional space set in an old garage that houses a public library where you can choose from over 7,000 documents, including books, magazines and audio-visual material (DVDs with Italian and foreign art films and music CDs). Something to experience.


If you feel like studying in a library surrounded by a park, here are a few where you will be able to focus while enjoying a nice view over the green: the Library Villa Mercede, situated in the quiet park of Villa Mercede in the district of San Lorenzo, the Library Casa del Parco located inside the park of the Pineto and the Library Villa Leopardi within the park of the same name in the Trieste district.

Have you chosen your library? Are you finally ready to study in complete quiet?