Italian language school in Rome

Qualified, experienced teachers offering Italian language and culture lessons – in Rome!

Study Italian, or learn about Italy’s history and culture with us! We are a group of young, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Teaching is our passion, and we love to share our knowledge and expertise with you, so that you can enjoy the real ‘Roman experience’.

Five great reasons to study at Scuola ROMIT

  1. We are a motivated and supportive team of young, qualified and experienced teachers
  2. You will have the opportunity to meet Italians, and other visitors – and share experiences together
  3. Our central location – we are located in Monti, in the heart of Rome (a five minute walk from Cavour underground station)
  4. Small class sizes – our classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students
  5. Value for money – we offer better value than many of the larger schools.

We also offer a great social program, including guided tours of historical and cultural highlights, dinners, theatre visits and more.

Discover our Social Program and enjoy a real immersion experience!

Explore Monti – the area where Scuola ROMIT is located, and birthplace of Julius Caesar!

Italian courses at Scuola ROMIT

Our courses are designed specifically to meet your needs. You will receive a course book, and other study materials tailored to your requirements. We enhance your learning experience through:

  • using real life situations to combine lessons in communication and grammar – to enable you to build confidence and fluency from day-one
  • offering a wide range of courses and activities relating to Italian history of art, literature, cinema, theatre, cooking and fashion.

Find out more about our Italian courses.
Learning Facilities at Scuola ROMIT
The atmosphere at Scuola ROMIT is friendly and informal. Our facilities are designed to provide an optimal learning environment. These facilities include:

spacious and bright classrooms
a study hall where you can research, read, surf the web and socialize with other students
a small private garden – a popular meeting place for students and teachers during break time
free Wi-Fi for all students.

Enrol at Scuola ROMIT to fulfill your Italian aspirations!

Via Del Boschetto, 68
Roma 00184
Skype: scuola.romit
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