Italian Lessons Online

Why take online language learning lessons?

  1. You need/want to stay at home or at your office.
  2. You can’t go to Rome.
  3. You are planning to go to Rome or somewhere in Italy and you want to be able to communicate from the outset.
  4. You are back in your own country and you want to keep alive what you have learned.

Course objectives:

Online lessons are as effective as the persons taking part.
Using the video-chat allows for an excellent audio and video quality.
Our lessons follow a communicative approach and are organised to satisfy all your demands!

Scuola Romit offers one to one online lessons for all levels.

  • One to one online lessons (flexible)

During the lessons the teacher uses on-line exercises, texts, articles, videos, audiotapes, and homework will be corrected after every lesson.
Only a skype or gmail account it needed. Payment is possible by Paypal.

ROMIT always takes care of you and supports you!

Price list

One to one

35 €/h
10 lessons: 330 €