Rome is a multi-coloured city, full of opportunities and offers fun for all tastes. You are saying? There are too many choices and you do not know what to do, where to start and where to go to find some nightlife? Ok, let us try to understand how young Romans entertain themselves.

Studenti Romit

First of all, we must say that in Rome time is very elastic and dilated, so evenings begin very calmly, you meet after dinner and begin to analyse the various choices, similar to those of many other cities: pub, brewery, disco, a walk downtown or just a small square where to sit on some steps and encounter friends. The climate allows for this for most of the year and it is an easy and inexpensive form of entertainment, very popular among those who would like to spend a peaceful and not too expensive evening.

Which are the most popular areas where to spend the evening having fun? Certainly Pigneto and San Lorenzo (with its famous square, where many young people stop to relax and chat with a cocktail in their hands) are the emerging areas full of informal pubs and cafes, Piazza Bologna, a university area, Testaccio and Ostiense, where you’ll find plenty of places where to dance salsa, house and electronic music, discos, risto-cafès and gay clubs, Trastevere with Piazza Campo dè Fiori, literally assaulted on summer nights, the area of Piazza Navona and Via della Pace, with pubs and very chic wineries, the rione Monti, a kind of mini bohemian Trastevere, rich in literary cafés and art shops, and Ponte Milvio, with very fashionable clubs, cafés and restaurants.

In these neighbourhoods most of Roman nightlife is concentrated and there are so many young people ready for fun and eager to spend their evening in various ways.


At the end of the evening, especially if it is very late and you are tired and hungry, you might want to stop for a warm croissant with Nutella or honey in one of the many artisanal bakeries scattered around the city, which you will discover a bit by chance or as a revealed secret from some true Roman. Love for food is there even in the small hors of the night and is a real treat!

In summer, with the arrival of the hot and sultry evenings, often people move to the Roman coast, which offers beach resorts that in the evening become outdoor pubs and clubs where to have fun while breathing the sea air or participating to festivals and outdoor parties. The most popular places are Ostia (close to Rome), Fregene, Fiumicino, Santa Marinella, Cerveteri.

The opportunities to enjoy yourself are many; up to you to choose and explore, so that you may understand what you prefer and spend your evenings in full Roman style. Have fun!