More and more people choose to make a study trip abroad to learn a new language. Planning a journey to learn a new language in an active way is becoming a real trend, common especially among the young.

Undertaking a similar experience allows to learn in a pleasant, active, functional and definitely faster way. It is a real educational experience that leaves its mark especially with those who love learning while traveling. Studying the Italian language while living in its native country brings many advantages and studying at a good language school.

Organizing a study trip might not seem an easy task, but it is also true that with some advice and a little patience you can live a unique and unforgettable experience. But how do you organize a trip to Italy in the best possible way?


Easy: since learning the language is the main motivation of the trip to Italy, we should rely on a school able to offer us first of all a study course suited for our needs.

The school’s qualified teachers can offer at the same time both educational support and practical help in the management of certain aspects such as finding the right accommodation, difficult to organize from afar, before the departure.

We can choose to rent a room, to share it with another tenant, to live in a family, in fact, there are many different solutions. If we choose to go in company, renting a small apartment could definitely be a good way to save and to share expenses with our traveling companion.

If organizing a trip is never a relaxing task, we should however remember that our main goal is to learn a foreign language but also to look into a new country. Therefore, let us not forget the pleasure of discovery and of the most challenging and fun part of our choice and more importantly, let us not give in to anxiety.

If we have already chosen our school we must not be afraid to ask for some advice, especially if we have very little familiarity with Italian it might be difficult to relate and communicate with potential homeowners or to communicate with the people we will meet for logistic or bureaucratic reasons.

Hence, once we decide to go on a study trip, we should ask ourselves where we would like to study Italian? If we choose the capital, Rome, that would doubtlessly be an excellent decision, perhaps the best, considering the city offers many fundamental aspects for those who want to know not only Italian, but also Italy from a cultural, historical, artistic, archaeological and gastronomic point of view.

vacanza in italia

What is better than studying the Italian language in the place where the culture of the country originated? Rome is also in the centre of the peninsula and it is easy to get around to other areas. We will be able to spend some wonderful weekends opting for trips out of town and exploring the surrounding areas, or even travelling to the South or the North of Italy, thanks to the many existing connections and maybe, why not, even discovering its many different dialects!

Italy’s climate, as well as its many characteristic landscapes, is envied in many parts of the world! So, get your backpacks and tickets and let’s set off without giving it too much thought! We learn only by choosing to deal with new experiences with a positive attitude. What more to ask for than learning Italian directly in Rome, the eternal city, praised in literature and in cinema at all times?

vacanza a roma