Choosing to study a language in its country of origin, where it evolved and is constantly spoken, is always a good choice as it allows you to experience a full immersion in the everyday and cultural life of the place. Moreover, if the language that you are about to study is Italian and you have the opportunity to stay in Rome, the capital of the Bel Paese (beautiful country – Italy, as described by Dante), well in that case, there will be considerable benefits from this choice.


You will be able to study the language and also have the opportunity to visit monuments and places, have glimpses of the Eternal City, and live in person all those positive experiences that come through being in touch with the people and the all Italian habits and customs and traditions. From the standpoint of the arts, film, theatre and even the culinary art, the cultural life in Rome is very lively throughout the year and you will not be disappointed. There are many places where you can put into practice what has been learned from your Italian classes, so it is easy to imagine how important it is to choose the right learning environment.

By choosing a good Italian language school it is possible to learn the language actively, in other words “learning Italian by living it”. A good course should ideally integrate linguistic and grammatical aspects with activities aiming at developing conversational skills. listening and understanding. If you are thinking of studying Italian in Rome, then you will no doubt find a thousand good and valid reasons to do so, but how to choose the right school?

A good school should begin by considering the requirements and the needs of the student, and create a course based on his expectations. Why does one choose to study a language? This question reveals that there are a thousand different reasons, depending on the person who feels the need or just a simple curiosity to learn a foreign language. To ensure that the knowledge of the language be functional, it is, however, necessary that it can be practiced through an interactive method, especially if we take into account the evolutionary changes of the idiom and its developments.


In fact, a good language school has a specialized staff, professionals in the field, who are passionately devoted to teaching. A good team of teachers is capable of encouraging the student through an educational approach that would also include the simulation of everyday situations which request the ability to put into practice what was previously learned. In addition, several institutions may offer the opportunity to prepare for specific tests such as CILS, CELI and PLIDA.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated if you are about to choose an Italian language school in Rome is the atmosphere felt inside the school. A atmosphere that is conversational, professional and yet friendly and familiar, will undoubtedly help the student feel better valued and followed and encouraged to get in the game. Bright classrooms, environments that transmit optimism and encourage socialization, are factors that should not to be overlooked.

If you are searching online for an Italian language school in Rome, there will certainly be many offers, however, it is undoubtedly a good idea to go and visit personally the school’s environment, meet the teachers and let yourself be guided and advised by your own instincts. It will certainly be easier to choose!